Twig around the world

Since its inception in 2009, Twig has developed a strong international presence. Teachers and students in 78 countries around the world are using Twig products to enhance learning.


Twig’s global partners

Along with our direct sales offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, China, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and the Netherlands Twig World Ltd is delighted to be working with the world’s best educational distribution partners.

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An international approach

With Twig content available in 19 languages, students across the globe have access to a wealth of tailored video learning content and support localised to meet linguistic, cultural and curriculum requirements.

Twig films are used by teachers and students everyday in the following languages – Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), English (UK and US), Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian (Nynorsk and Bokmål), Slovene, Spanish and Turkish.

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New content languages for international schools

What Twig multilingual content is available to you will depend on your school’s location, however, schools in any country will soon be able to purchase Twig content in Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Arabic and Russian.

Please contact us for further updates and to register your interest.

International curricula relevance

Twig has been created to deliver tailored learning for a range of international curricula including but not limited to:

The International Baccalaureate (IB) for Science, Maths and Social Studies; IGCSE for Combined Science, Double Science, Maths and Social Studies; Singapore Ministry of Education Standards for Science, Maths and Social Studies; Indian CISCE Maths; Indian CBSE Maths and Science; Australian Curriculum (ACARA) Standards for Science and Maths; U.S. National Standards, Science, Maths and Social Studies; U.S Common Core State Standards, Math and Basic Education Core Curriculum Thailand.

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